Build Quality

Eastbay yachts are built in one of the world’s most sophisticated, purpose-built production facilities. Attention to detail is at the heart of our process.


Our production process has been designed to achieve maximum rigidity and strength while maintaining optimal weight and balance. This is the equilibrium that explains the high levels of safety you can expect of our yachts in all conditions.

The hull is formed from a ‘sandwich’ of premium grade e-glass with a water resistant, closed-cell foam core. This highly buoyant combination is then vacuum infused with Vinylester in a process that ensures the perfect ratio of resin to material.

Using a similar infusion process, the deck and superstructure of the EB60 are formed from unidirectional and multiaxial carbon fiber that delivers the best possible combination of strength and weight reduction. (For the more traditional EB44, we’ve retained the use of e-glass for the deck.)

Once released from the molds, the transparent gel coat that covers the glass fiber is then ready for painting and finishing.


We’re not ashamed to say that we are detail fanatics. If good is the enemy of great, we believe great is the enemy of perfection and that’s the standard we constantly striving to achieve.

You’ll find evidence of this philosophy in every nook and cranny of our yachts. For example, all of the teak we use is book matched to ensure consistency of grain and color. (If it fails to meet those standards, we don’t use it.) Duck into the engine room and you’ll find that pipes and conduits are color coded where necessary for easy recognition and all components are carefully arranged for easy access during maintenance.

You can scrutinize any element of the build and you’ll find that we’ve scrutinized it before you. Repeatedly!

At Eastbay, pride is a component of our production process.

Quality control is not simply a tick-the-box check list, it’s fundamental to every stage of the build as the boat proceeds through the factory.


When an Eastbay leaves our factory it is polished to perfection and we find our owners take great pleasure in ensuring that it stays that way.

We make it as easy for them as we can.

Knowing how unkind the elements can be, we provide full canvas covers for those areas where teak is likely to be exposed.

You’ll find a typical maintenance schedule requires a wash and wax every two weeks and an anti-foul every twelve months. The engines are covered by a five-year warranty and need servicing every year or every 100 hours of running time.
Should you have any questions or encounter any difficulties, we provide friendly and expert customer service that’s on call to give advice and steer you in the right direction.