Most boats are built to ABYC standards and endorsed by the NMMA in the US. However, we believe safety is of paramount importance and all of our models can be made to comply with the highest standard of certification – the European CE Category A.


The use of the highest quality materials combined with our monocoque construction techniques ensures that every Eastbay is strong, rigid and has a low center of gravity. The synergy of these attributes is one you’ll appreciate when you encounter choppy conditions offshore – the Eastbays handle beautifully in ugly weather! And, in the unlikely event of a collision, you can rest secure in the knowledge that the bulkhead at the anchor locker is fully watertight and shock resistant.

Wherever possible, we’ve erred on the side of caution and installed fail-safe mechanical systems that are more reliable than their electronic counterparts. Valves, shut-offs, battery overrides and the like will not be prone to malfunction. By keeping it simple, we’re keeping it safe.

And on those days when the seas are running high, you’ll appreciate the bulwarks, bow rails and grab handles that make it easy to move around the boat without fear of losing balance.

Safety is not an optional extra on our yachts. It’s central to our design philosophy and one that guarantees you and your guests can relax on board.